Fripp Inlet Bridge

The Fripp Inlet bridge, a 2,067-foot reinforced concrete span, was completed in 1964 and today sees more than 900,000 vehicle crossings per year. Title to the bridge was transferred to the District in 2003, and the District is responsible for insurance, maintenance and repairs. The District’s consulting engineers inspect the bridge annually to ensure its continued safety and structural integrity. Commercial access across the bridge is governed by vehicle weight restrictions

Fripp Bridge Weight Limit Reduction & Speed Limits

As owner of the Fripp Inlet Bridge, the Fripp Island PSD is responsible for repairing and maintaining the bridge. Our bridge engineers recently completed a substructure analysis of the bridge and determined that, to maintain an acceptable factor of safety, 12 of the 50 bents supporting the bridge require repairs. The engineers recommended that the posted load limit on the bridge be reduced until the repairs can be completed and cautioned that excessive speeds could cause further harm to the substructure of the bridge.

The PSD Commission has approved a temporary reduction in the weight limit for vehicles crossing the Fripp Inlet Bridge from 27 tons gross to 21 tons gross. The reduced limit will not affect regular passenger vehicles, but could impact delivery trucks, heavy construction equipment, and contractors.

The District strongly urges every motorist crossing the bridge to follow the posted speed limit of 25 MPH for passenger vehicles and 15 MPH for trucks with 3 or more axles.

The District has formulated a procedure for allowing some vehicles over 21 tons to cross the bridge. Please click the Weight Reduction Posting link below for details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PSD office at 843-838-2400.

Fripp Island Bridge Repair Project – Bond Referendum - Frequently Asked Questions

Fripp Island Bridge - Weight Reduction Posting

Fripp Inlet Bridge Fripp Inlet Bridge